Client Solutions

Enterprise Call Center Solutions specializes in delivering call center services that meet the needs of any business. Whether it’s inbound customer service, outbound sales, collections, lead generation programs, value added selling and more; “eccs” has the technology, facility, leadership team and culture to deliver the results you are looking for. Taking care of your company’s life blood, your customers, is a responsibility that our team at “eccs” takes seriously. At “eccs” we also strive to maintain a transparent and collaborative working relationship with our clients. Our proactive approach to solving problems and improving performance ensures that we will bring potential problems and solutions to your attention before they become nightmares to you and your business. “eccs” was founded by call center people who know what it means to take CARE of your customers. Schedule a free consultation now with one of our owners and begin your journey to a higher level of call center performance.

Free Consultation

Call 1.888.650.5880 now for a free consultation.

Industries We Serve

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Political
  • Utilities
  • Technology
  • And More

Challenges We Solve

  • Customer Experience
  • Cost Management
  • Customer Retention
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Revenue Growth
  • Technology Support
  • PCI Compliance
  • Multi Channel Customer Experience
    Your customers can reach us via their preferred approach. Call, email, chat, SMS and even social. We are here to serve your customer’s needs.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Quality Management
    Advanced interaction monitoring and data analytics provides our client’s unmatched insights into their customer interactions.
  • "eccs" Voice of the Customer
    Whether it’s through after call surveys, live monitoring or agent to customer, we are always looking for and leveraging your customer’s feedback to improve. The “eccs” VOC process is a key component of our Continuous Improvement philosophy.
  • Yes, some Customers want Self Service
    Sensible automation including self service tools like IVR, web portals, AI and more, can drive significant customer satisfaction for a large portion of your customers. We understand that and offer a variety of technologies and agent training all designed to drive self service where it makes sense.
  • Performance
    It does not matter if it’s project level Service Level targets, team productivity and quality goals or individual agent metrics; “eccs” is extremely serious about meeting or exceeding performance expectations. Although it rarely happens, we take missing performance targets personally and do everything we can NOT to repeat poor performance.

Inbound Customer Service

High Performing Sales

  • The POWER of a Great Sales Agent
    We recruit the best sales people in the marketplace and leverage proprietary coaching techniques to ensure our team is getting the most out of every sales interaction.
  • Customer Satisfaction and Quality Management
    “eccs” can help you maximize the value of the relationships you have with your customers, whether they are consumers or other businesses. We transform data into intelligence to build rapport and optimize the results of each interaction
  • An unmatched Sales Pedigree
    Our proven sales programs can help you achieve your desired business outcomes—higher conversion rates, greater revenue, better customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and more
  • Data Analytics
    Our advanced outbound dialer and CRM capabilities enable “eccs” to gather critical customer and interaction information at every stage of the sales process. We transform data into intelligence to build rapport and optimize the results of each interaction
  • Sales Consultation Beyond the Call
    Many of our clients leverage our sales consultants to help them build their enterprise sales approach. Our team has decades of experience in driving sales in all industries and platforms. Dont’ go it alone. “eccs” can be a big help in turning your sales performance into real revenue.