Your ROI

“At “eccs”, we are constantly looking for ways to save your company money while exceeding your business’ performance expectations. We know how important ROI and budget is to you and we take our role in those seriously. When you work with “eccs”, you will find we have very flexible contract terms, reasonable rates, our team constantly workes to improve project perfomance, we will leverage automation where we can and more. We know that if we take care of your customers AND your bottomline, we are much more likely to keep your business for a long time. We value long term relationships; not short term dollars. This attitude and frankly CULTURE of relationship building drives everything we do at “eccs”. Experience the “eccs” difference today.”

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There is no doubt that your business faces intense competition every day. At “eccs”, we understand that and work tirelessly for all of our clients to reduce their costs, increase sales and improve customer retention. Below are just a few of the tactics we use to accomplish this for our clients.

  • Flexible Contracts
    At “eccs”, we have no intention of nickel and diming your business. Right from the start you will notice the “eccs” difference. Little to no project minimums. No project termination fees. No lengthy notification periods and many more. We want our performance to speak for itself. The better we perform, the longer your company will stay with us.
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement
    Every team member at “eccs” lives, breathes and participates in our culture of Continuous Improvement. It is the expectation of every associate to look for areas of improvement and we actively involve our talented team of professionals in the improvement process.
  • Data Analytics
    It’s all about the data. Our comprehensive quality and customer monitoring program, deep reporting capabilities and data analysis experience helps us to identify problems quickly and ensures that we make informed decisions.
  • Improved Sales Performance
    “eccs” excels in selling products and services. Our secret weapon is a proprietary, associate sales coaching approach that has yielded incredible results for our clients. We have sales professionals that LOVE to sell and the tools and sales approach that shows real results.
  • Automation
    Believe it or not, we are one of the few call center partners in the world that will actively and aggressively work with you to leverage automation anywhere that makes sense. Sensible automation including self service tools like IVR, web portals, AI and more, all drive significant ROI for our clients.

Return on Investment

Where you least expect it.