How We Do It?

“At “eccs”, it’s foremost about the PEOPLE. We learned a long time ago that it does not matter how good our technology is, how robust our data is or how good our processes are; if we did not have employees who are fanatical about delivering world class customer service we could not deliver the high level of performance we have come to expect. What separates Enterprise Call Center Solutions from other call center providers is we have figured out how to bring together advanced call center technologies, deep data analytics, industry leading operational practices AND world class people; to deliver extraordinary results for our clients. We are fully OMNI channel capable and specialize in delivering a flexible, adaptable approach with our clients. Discover what other business have already discovered. “eccs” will be one of your most powerful business partners. Call us today.”

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Running a high performing call center operation requires three primary focuses:


At ECCS, we constantly work to leverage and improve the talent of our associates, the effectiveness of our processes and the power of our technology.

  • We recruit the best associates
    It’s hard to get a job at “eccs”. Our tough screening process ensures we get associates who are as serious about delivering world class service as we are.
  • World class leadership team
    Great leaders motivate people to produce great results. We constantly work to improve our team’s leadership skills through training, evaluation, coaching and mentorship.
  • Coaching for performance
    Coaching for performance is one of our CORE strengths. We leverage performance analytics, impactful coaching tools, training and positive people practices to get real results.
  • Empowered Associates
    Our associates are empowered to make decisions and provide their ideas and feedback directly to leadership. We only improve when we listen to the people who impact customers everyday.
  • Associate Retention
    It’s simple, the longer you keep good people, the better they get at delivering exceptional service. Our agent retention performance is second to none in our industry. We have built our whole culture around cultivating and nurturing good people which leads to great results for our clients.



  • Continuous Improvement
    We leverage the principles of Six Sigma and Kaizen to drive continuous improvement in our operation.
  • Analytics
    It’s all about the data. Our comprehensive quality and customer monitoring program, deep reporting capabilities and data analysis experience helps us to identify problems quickly and ensures that we make informed decisions.
  • It’s a TEAM Effort
    Every team member at “eccs” lives, breathes and participates in our culture of Continuous Improvement. It is the expectation of every associate to look for areas of improvement and we actively involve our talented team of professionals in the improvement process.
  • Change is our friend
    To improve, you have to change. There is no way around that. Change is constant and inevitable. Our team embraces change and thrives on change.
  • Continuous Improvement
    No, this is not a duplicate, it’s the beginning of a new cycle of Continuous Improvement. For us, searching for performance improvement in all areas of our business never stops. This is us. We live for this!
  • Cloud Based
    Our cloud based approach to technology enables “eccs” to offer our client’s unique solutions such as web based performance reporting, remote call monitoring, work from home and more.
  • Stable and Reliable
    Servicing your customers and representing your brand means we are available and able to service your customers 24/7.
  • Automate Where We Can
    Although we believe in power of personal service, there are still times when automating an interaction is better for the customer. Our advanced self service tools and OMNI channel capabilities allow “eccs” to cater to the needs of every customer.
  • Data
    Our advanced data collection and reporting tools provides our clients with the highest level of transparency and customer information that you will not find at most call center companies.
  • Many Solutions
    Our technology enables “eccs” to offer a wide array of service and sales solutions to meet the contact center needs of any business.